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chocolate stick sequel - Emi
え み い
chocolate stick sequel
Title : Chocolate stick (sequel )
Author :mosquitonest
Genre : fluff, crack
Rating : NC-17
A/N : for purple_ichigo93 hope she'll like it ^^. this is my first time writing NC fanfic so, i'm sorry if this bad, and as always forgive my poor grammar. 

Yamada and Yuto walked together, holding each other hands, the night wind makes Yamada frozen, saw that Yuto took off his jacket and wrapped in Yamada, to make he feels warm.They stopped when the both arrived at Yamada’s house that looks empty, due to Yamada’s family were go to vacation.
“Yuto kun, thanks for taking me home…” Yamada said as he let go off his hand from Yuto’s. The latter just smiled.
“Yamachan, why your house looks so empty…? “ asked the taller boy.
“My family is on vacation..” “ So I was alone at home…” Yamada said, while tries to open the fence.
“Eh, vacation ? “ Yuto mumbled. In his mind he thought he can do ‘it’ with Yamachan when his family is not in their home.
“So, can I accompany you..? “ Yuto smirked.
“Sure…” Yamada said. He may forget if his boyfriend was in his ‘mood’.
They hurried go to Yamada’s room because it’s already night and they’re both tired because of dance practice today.Because Yamada had take shower at Jimusho, so he just need to changing his clothes with pajama, he changed his clothes peacefully until he felt a hand roaming his body.
“Nakajima, keep your hand to yourself…” Yamada sighed.
“But I can’t they moving by itself…” Yuto whispered.
“Baka…” Yamada smiled he turned his body until he facing his boyfriend, put his hand on Yuto’s neck.
“How your feeling right now, just with me at your room…”
“without your family around you…“ Yuto asked his pretty boyfriend as he pushed Yamada into the bed, that impatient waiting for them.
One by one their clothes was thrown on the cold floor, and now Yamada was totally naked , nothing was covering him, meanwhile Yuto still wearing boxer. Yuto walked to a table near Yamada’s bed to get the chocolate that he bought in the minimarket.
“Y-Yuto…” “ What are you doing..? “ Yamada worried, when Yuto start to put the chocolate on his body.
“You could see it later…” He kissed the pretty boy lips.
The chocolate finally covered Yamada’s slim body.And this time Yuto start to lick and suck his lover body, he start from the lips until Yamada’s milky chest or brown chest right now. Yamada just moan when Yuto touching his private part body. The love bird seem enjoyed their night together.
“Anhnnng…” Yamada moaned when Yuto’s lick his hard member.
“You seem liked it Yamachan…” Yuto continue his action. Until Yamada sat up from his position, and push Yuto to the bed, he also wanted to try how the sensation of lick Yuto’s member with chocolate covered it.
“Now, my turn…” Yamada shyly. Yuto just smiled. The pretty boy took off Yuto’s boxer before placing the chocolate on Yuto’s member till the it all covered by chocolate. He slowly lick it from the tip before putting it in his mouth. Yuto can’t hold his moan when he felt the tingling sensation because of his lover tounge , and Yuto released his ‘liquid’ on Yamada’s warm mouth.
“Like what you see ? “ Yuto panted after his released. He turn back his position, making him on top Yamada.
“Now, I’ll give you more…” he said while put his fingers in Yamada’s entrance.
“Hnnnng…” “it’s – hurt…” Yamada groaned, but he know there will more than this.
Yuto was postioning himself in front of Yamada’s tight entrance, he spread his lover legs to the better access, and slowly he push his member to Yamada’s tight hole. Yamada just groaned sometime cried because of the pain in his lower back but Yuto just kissed him to make his lover feel better and forget the pain.

“Are you oke ? “ Yuto panted . He looks at his lover who looks tired after their session.
“ I don’t know…”
“Maybe tomorrow I am not able to walk properly…” he laughed.
“I’m sorry…” Yuto said while he kissed Yamada’s hair.
“Why you apologized ? “
“Because I’m the one who made you like this…” Yuto gave Yamada kiss on the lips. Yamada just smiled.
“ Now we have to shower if you don’t want the ants come to us…”
“because chocolate on our bodies…” Yamada said
Yuto just carrying Yamada in bridal style,because he know the pretty boy wouldn’t able to walk for now. They sat on the bathtub together, Yamada sitting on Yuto ‘s lap. After showering Yamada and Yuto felt hungry, because today is Sunday, so they are free from work. Yuto tried to make a simple breakfast, he makes pancake with strawberry topping and syrup . They eat happily until Yuto looks into Yamada’s corner lips, there’s a syrup. He move his head to Yamada’s and close gap between them, licking the syrup on Yamada’s corner lips.
“Y-Yuto…” Yamada blushed.
“Why, anything on your body is tasted more sweet…” Yuto teased.
“ No. Enough. The pain is still hasn’t gone…” Yamada pouted.
“I’m just teasing you…” Yuto said while he cupped the later flawless cheek before kissing him on the lips.

Dou ?
hope you'll like it ^^
comments are love ~

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purple_ichigo93 From: purple_ichigo93 Date: July 21st, 2012 04:39 am (UTC) (Link)

<3 <3
purple_ichigo93 From: purple_ichigo93 Date: July 29th, 2012 10:55 pm (UTC) (Link)
gomen for late comment X(((

thanks for make this for me X3 but~~ it's to short(slaped)
Yuto-kun is impatient ne ^_^"
he can't stand to not touch Yamada

thanks for wrote this/
sorry for my terrible comment

mosquitonest From: mosquitonest Date: July 30th, 2012 06:01 am (UTC) (Link)
you're welcome ^^ and sorry if it's too short
i have one more yamajima smut fic but i can't post right now...hehe
yes, yuto in his 'mood' XD

btw, can i add you ?
i'm emi ^^
yoroshiku ~ ^^

purple_ichigo93 From: purple_ichigo93 Date: July 30th, 2012 06:45 am (UTC) (Link)
i will wait for your next smut X"D

Of course you can =)
and i' m Indonesia too
Kochira koso <3
mosquitonest From: mosquitonest Date: July 30th, 2012 07:00 am (UTC) (Link)
added you ~ ^^
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