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Yamajima [ oneshot ] - Emi
え み い
Yamajima [ oneshot ]
 Title : Maid *stuck title *
Author :mosquitonest 
Pairing : Yamada x Yuto / Yamajima
Genere : Fluff
Rating : PG
A/N  : Finally i write fic again. as always poor  english.

In the morning lesson…
“I’m so sleepy...” Yamada said, and put his head on the table for sleep. Until the teacher calls his name to answer the question on the board.
“Ryosuke Yamada …!!!”the teacher said with a high volume, that make Yamada wake up.
“ Ha- Hai, Ohayou gozaimasu…” Yamada said half-sleep.
“Ryosuke. Get out from my class…” the teacher ordered. Yamada hurrying out from his class.
Yamada walk to the labirin and saw one side of a window glass was cracked by someone. Because of curiousity,he try to touch the window to make sure this window was broke, but when he was touching the window,suddenly his headmaster appeared and think Yamada do that. So without hesitated he called Yamada to go to his office.
“Yamada, you have to get punishment, because you have spoil our school atribute . “ the headmaster said.At that time Yuto entered the headmaster office to talked about the Olympiad and he hear Yamada got punishment from the headmaster, so Yuto said he was the person who make the window glass broken.
“Um, honestly…” “am I the person who make the window glass was broken…”
“So, I am ready to get your punishment…” Yuto said.
“Oh, that’s not a big problem…” “I can repair it now…” the headmaster said. Yuto just smile and bring Yamada out from headmaster office.
In outside, Yuto still grabbed Yamada’s hand that make Yamada blushed, but in the labirin school Yamada stopped his walk.
“Yuto...” “why you said you was the person who make the window glass was broken ? “ asked Yamada.Yuto just smile before he answer Yamada’s question.
“Because, I knew, the headmaster wouldn’t give his punishment to me…”
“and I feel sorry for you .if you didn’t get lesson from school…” Yuto said
“You’re so kind…” Yamada said, but he pouted when hear Yuto continue his words.
“But, that’s not free. You must pay it...” “ I can tell you later…” Yuto said, and leave Yamada in the labirin.

The school bell was ringing all student quickly go out from the class,while Yamada go out from his class Yuto grabbed his hand.
“Come with me.. “ Yuto said and brings Yamada to his car. Yuto drive the car to his house.
Finally they arrived at Yuto’s house. Yamada entered to Yuto’s house and sit on the living room, until Yuto come to Yamada and give him maid clothes.
“What is this…? “ asked Yamada.
“I said before, you have to pay it , right.?”
“My parents was going to Holland for a month. I want you to help me to clean up the house…” Yuto said with an evil smile.
Finally Yamada approve Yuto’s request . After work, He want to go home because the clock already showed 8 p.m. Yamada opened the fence, suddenly Yuto called him,and said…
“ You have to arrive at my house at 6 a.m, understand ? “ Yamada just nodded his head sign he’s agree.

When Yamada arrived at his house, he quickly go to his room and going sleep because today was tired for him, and before sleep he set the alarm .
The alarm was ringing at 5 a.m. Yamada quickly turn off the alarm until he awake, he have to arrived at Yuto’s house at 6 a.m, and he quickly go to bathroom .
When he got to Yuto’s house, he quickly goes to kitchen to prepair breakfast for Yuto and his little brother, Raya. Because he can’t cook, finally he made a cereal for them.
Yuto and Raya go out from his room and find Yamada was prepairing breakfast from both in the kitchen, Raya be confused because he didn’t know Yamada before.
“Nii-chan, who is he ?” asked Raya
“He’s our maid…” Yuto said with a little laugh
“EH ? , why his uniform like yours…?”
“Shut up. Let’s come to him..” Yuto said. Yuto goes to the kitchen and saw Yamada is preparing two bowls cereal.
Finally they finished their cereal and ready to go to school, today Raya not school because he have a little fever.
A hour later, Yamada and Yuto arrived at their school, before Yamada go to their class , Yuto grabbed Yamada’s hand and gave him a key.
“What it this…?” asked Yamada
“This is my house key…” “ because I can’t go home early…” Yuto said
Today’s Yuto have to attend the meeting for olympiad in their school, so Yamada go to Yuto’s house alone, two hours later, Yamada arrived in Yuto’s house and he find Raya was playing game.
“Tadaima …” Yamada said.
“Okaeri…” “ Yama nii-chan…”
“I’m hungry…” Raya said.Hear Raya said that he hungry, Yamada hurrying go to the kitchen and ready to cook, but he confused, because he can’t cook, finally he decide to cooked curry rice.
“Curry rice is done…” “Do you want to try this…?” Yamada said cheerfully
“I want to try it…” Raya said and come to Yamada, but while he saw the curry rice made by Yamada he sudden got bad feeling about flavor of that curry rice.
“AAAAAA~ ….” “The curry taste is the most bizarre…” Raya half-yelled. Yamada just pouted heared Raya said that.
“Nii-chan…” “I don’t mean to make you sad…”
“How about we going out for lunch…” Raya said.
At 5 p.m, Yamada and Raya was arrived at house again, and they saw Yuto already in home. Raya quickly took Yuto a sushi for Yuto but Yuto already ate curry rice made by Yamada.
“Nii-chan…” Are you seriously eat this curry…?”
“I want to puke while ate this…” Raya whispers on Yuto’s ear. Yamada who saw Yuto ate his cook, hurrying asked Yuto about the curry taste.
“How the curry taste…?” Yamada asked Yuto.
“NOT TASTY…” He said with a smile on his lips. “EH…?” Yamada said confused when he saw Yuto eat all the curry rice.
Yamada has been almost a month for helping Yuto to clean up his house, and today’s the last day for Yamada to do it, because Yuto’s parents will come tomorrow.Yamada started to cook dinner for Yuto and Raya, this time Yamada will cook special food for them.
Because he tired, cooking and cleaning up Yuto’s house, he sleep on the sofa.When Yuto and Raya come and saw many food on the dinning room . Yuto quicky search Yamada and find him sleep on the sofa.
Find Yamada was sleep on the sofa, Yuto gave him a blanket, and try to kiss Yamada’s forhead but Raya blew it.
“Nii-chan…” “what are you doing…?”
“Let’s have a dinner…” Raya said.
After their finished the dinner, Raya still not believe this food as made by Yamada.
“Nii-chan…” “Do you believe this food made by Yama nii-chan..? “ asked Raya.
“Yes, I sure …” Yuto said
Because Yamada was asleep , this time Yuto who clean up the dinning room. Raya already sleep and Yamada too, finally Yuto decide to play game, but he forgot Yamada was sleep beside him, the noisy sound from the game make Yamada awake.
When Yamada awake he find Yuto was playing game while he yelled and that’s very different when Yuto’s in the school, he’s a cool person and never smile.
“ I think you never play a game ” Yamada said sudden, make Yuto shocked.
“EH ?” “ I’m human too…” Yuto said with a smile on his lips.
“But, you have to study for Olympiad, right ?”
“Yes, but I want to do anything before I started to study..” Yuto said
“Well, just do what do you want to do…” Yamada said, while he come to Yuto and sat beside him.
“Whatever I want to do ? “ Yuto said and he kissed Yamada on the lips. Yamada shocked , but he kissed back, until Yuto broke the kiss.
“How about ?” “Because I want to do it…” Yuto said , that’s make Yamada blushed.

Finally i write fic again, after a long time not doing this.
idk, this fic good or not. XDD just hope you'll like it ^^
comments are love <3333 ^^

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fiz_autumn From: fiz_autumn Date: July 14th, 2011 04:21 am (UTC) (Link)
I think is sooo cute in maid cloth..hehehe^^
Don't worry much..XDD
This fic good..^___^
mosquitonest From: mosquitonest Date: July 14th, 2011 05:01 am (UTC) (Link)
thank you ~
thanks for reading and commenting ^^
unknownpeace From: unknownpeace Date: July 14th, 2011 03:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
WOAH, I can imagine Yama-chan wears a maid uniform( ื▿ ืʃƪ)


Great fic anw, I ♥ it~
mosquitonest From: mosquitonest Date: July 14th, 2011 03:51 pm (UTC) (Link)
me too ~ he's so pretty ne ^^
thanks for dropping by ^^
AliAliyayayah From: AliAliyayayah Date: November 21st, 2011 01:04 am (UTC) (Link)
I like Yuto's character in this fic, aaa~ cool but romantic. i love it! I was also blushed when I read it

wohooo ~(^,^~)
mosquitonest From: mosquitonest Date: November 21st, 2011 03:01 am (UTC) (Link)
eh? you blushing ? XD
thank you for reading and commenting ali-chan ~

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