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Title : 48 days Author : mosquitonest Pairing : Yamajima ( Yamada… - Emi
え み い
Title : 48 days
Author :mosquitonest
Pairing : Yamajima ( Yamada x Nakajima )
Genre : Fluff, angst
Rating : PG-13
Warning : M-PREG
A/N : i'm sorry for not writing in a long time, because school killing me. And i get inspiration from 99balloons video. so if there's a same things from the video, i'm really sorry. Hope you'll like it.

Five years ago, Nakajima Yuto and Yamada Ryosuke was married.Althought they both are men, but in deeper their heart , they still want a pure child, but that’s just a dream their think. Until Ryosuke felt something wrong in his body, every morning he have a morning sickness, just now he thought feeling unwell. Until Yuto brings him to a hospital and their got a shocked when them heard Yamada was pregnant.They felt happy right now, because for five years them waiting this moments, have a pure child.

“Eh ? “
“Why he can pregnant ? “ “ Is he a woman ? “ Yuto asked the doctor
“No. He’s men…” “ But he has one uterus on his body, I think it’s a miracle …”
“whether the two of you will keep this baby ? “ the doctor asked back.
“Yes, we will…” Yuto said as he looked his wife.
One month,threemonths,seven months, Ryosuke’s body looked fatter than before, Only two months before the labor. He very happy waiting the day .The day where he will give birth. As well as his husband, Yuto has started to prepare everythings for the prospective child that will soon come to his perfectlittle family.And that day was coming,Ryosuke felt contraction on his tummy . See that Yuto hurried brings him to hospital.
A cry broke the silence in the operating room,July 7th was a good day for Yuto and Ryosuke, because their first son was birth, their pure child.But the happinest changed became a nightmare for them, because their first son have a heart failure, and doctor said he just can live for several days. That make Yuto and Ryosukesad,moreoverRyosuke, he is the closest persontothe baby because he is the person who birth him.Ryosuke hold the little figure on his hand, a tears rolling down from his chubby cheek.MeanwhileYuto who was standing beside him just hold his wife arms to make him warm, because he know how shattered his wife's feelings.

“Yuto, You've thought a good name for him ? “ Ryosuke asked his husband.
“Yeah, of course…” “ How about Sora…? “
“Sora..” “A good name isn’t it ? “ Ryouke asked the little figure on his hold before he kissed his little angel forehead.
After two days had a treatment, Nakajima Sorabeen allowed home by doctors, that make Yuto and Ryosuke happy, because they already long to waiting this time, brings sora to their home.
Today’s Sora’s third days, Yuto and Ryosukebough a little cake to celebrate his son third days,they didn’t want to lose every single days withSora.
“Happy third days…” Yuto and Ryosuke said as they both blow out candles.Yuto didn’t forget to capture their happy moment with Sora, their only son.
Everyday, Yuto and Ryosuke always bought a little cake for celebrate Sora’s days. That’s could decrease their sadness.Sora already live for a week that what’s make Yuto and Ryosuke worried, because the doctor said Sora just could survive for several days, and now he already live a week.Only one thing which makes Ryosuke happy, Sora’s breath, he always worried if someday Sora stop breathing and what should he doing? that’s things that always attend in Ryosuke’smind.Because he didn’t ready and never ready to lost his first and only child.
Today August 7th ,Sora’s one month celebrate, Sora’s Mom and Dad bought Sora a big cake to celebrate this day.And invite their family to celebrating Sora’s one month. Soraable to survive for a month, it makes his parents happy, because Sora could live last longer than what was predicted by the doctor.
Today’s August 10th, Sora’s Dad birthday and thirty-three days, Yuto want to celebrating his birthday with his son.
“Happy birthday Yuto…” Ryosuke said as he kissed his husband lips.
“And Happy thirty three days Sora…” “Sora, today your Dad birthday…”
“Do you want to congratulated for him…? “ Ryosuke asked his son and closed his ears to Sora’s petite mouth.
“Oww, Okay honey, Mama will tell your Dad..” “He would be pleased to hear it…”
“What’s he said…? “ askedYuto
“He said happy birthday Papa…” “ You’re the best Papa ever…” Ryosuke said as a tears broke from his eyes.Yuto just smile and hugged Sora and Ryosuke .
Clock showed 07.00 am but Yuto didn’t moved from his bed, Ryosuke brings Sora for waking up his Dad.
“Papa, wake up…”
“You didn’t work today…? “ Ryosuke said as Sora. And close his son to Yuto.
“I’ll woke up, but Sora have to kiss Papa’s cheek…” Yuto said .And a small kiss landed on Yuto’s cheek.
“Yuto, do you not come to work today…? “ Ryosuke said as he made a bottle of milk for Sora.
“Yes, I’m free today…” “Today I want spend my day just with you and Sora.” Yuto said while he peck his wife lips.
Today’s Sorafourty-three day,as always his parents celebrating his days by days.But this day, Yuto’s mother come to look her grandchild for first time, because Yuto’s mothernot approve the marriage Yuto and Ryosuke, but today they come to see her first grandchild. That’s make Yuto pleased, because sincehe was married with Ryosuke, his mother have never came to their house.
“Okaasan…? “Yuto said when he saw a figure in front of him.
“What his name…? “asked Yuto’s mother
“Sora..”Yuto said
“Sora…?” “ A good name…” “Where’s Ryosuke..? “his mother asked back
“He was make a tea for you..”
A minute later Ryosuke came and brings a tea for his mother in law and his husband.
“Ryosuke, thanks for giving me grandchild..”Yuto’s mother said. Ryosuke just silent because he couldn’t told Yuto’s mother about Sora condition, that’s would make her sad and he doesn’t want to do that.
“although I know, his condition not good, but thanks …” Because, now I had a handsome grandchild…”
“And now I have become a grandma, that’s make me happy…” Yuto’smother said while the tears wetting her cheeks. Hear that Ryosuke couldn’t hold his tears, the tears broke from his eyes, see that Yuto’s mother hurried hugged his son in law.
“Don’t cry anymore, Ryosuke…” “ You must believe Sora is the strong son…”
Meanwhile Ryosuke and Yuto’s mother was talked, Yuto come to his son to check his condition and give him a bottle of milk.
“Sora..”Yuto called
“You must growing fast ne…” “because I want play a drum with you…”Yuto said while he saw his son who was sleep peacefully. Although he knew, Sora breath could stop whenever, and maybe this day ,hours,minute even in the next seconds he could lost his only son.

Today’s Sora’sfourty eight day but didn’t like the day before, they didn’t celebrate Sora’s days, because his condition getting worse , that make his parents brings him to the hospital, because Sora had stopped his breath, that condition make his parents worried,moreover, Ryosuke as his Mom.
After two hours got a treatment, Sora’s life couldn’t save.Now, Sora already back to God.Hear that make Ryosuke felt his feet suddenly weak until he can’t stand up, Ryosuke and Yutowas devastated by the departure of their only son.Butwhat they trust isSora already happy in the heaven.

Dear Nakajima Sora,

Sora, that’s name that crossed on my mind when I saw your birth. A good name, Sora means sky.Yeah, sky, because sky is very far from earth and I hope your life is long as a sky. And you’re our little angel because of you our days is at very best days everyday.Do you know how worry your mother when you stopped your breath?he really loved you same as me. We both really loved you.
Sora, thanks for make our days is happy although just 48 days, Now, we trust that you already in heaven. You should happy right ? Goodbye Sora, we trust you will happy in there. Don’t forget your Handsome Papa and very beautiful Mama,okay ? We always loved you. Well, of course we gonna miss you….

Your beloved,
Mom and Dad.

Hope you are not bored.
comments are love and i need your love <33333

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hiyoshichii From: hiyoshichii Date: September 27th, 2011 04:35 am (UTC) (Link)
(sob) that's so sad .....
mosquitonest From: mosquitonest Date: September 27th, 2011 10:35 am (UTC) (Link)
thank you for reading and commenting ~ ^^
mariahardy From: mariahardy Date: November 1st, 2011 08:41 pm (UTC) (Link)
I was reading it word by word afraid of the word dead comes poor yamajima!!!
So touching yet creative!!
mosquitonest From: mosquitonest Date: November 2nd, 2011 02:23 pm (UTC) (Link)
*gives you tissue*

thank you for reading and commenting ~ ^^
AliAliyayayah From: AliAliyayayah Date: March 8th, 2012 08:31 am (UTC) (Link)
huwaaaah... T_T this so sad~
The letter is so touching.
Poor yamajima~
mosquitonest From: mosquitonest Date: March 8th, 2012 10:17 am (UTC) (Link)
*gives you tissue *
i also want to cry while writing it.
thanks for reading and commenting ~ ^^
nikasantos From: nikasantos Date: July 10th, 2012 08:54 pm (UTC) (Link)
mosquitonest From: mosquitonest Date: July 11th, 2012 04:24 am (UTC) (Link)
i'm sorry to make you cry ~ /hugs
this fic so sad ne...
thank you for dropping by ^^
nikasantos From: nikasantos Date: August 8th, 2012 10:57 pm (UTC) (Link)
p.s sorry for the late reply been really sick :(
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