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Be my wife [ Drabble] - Emi
え み い
Be my wife [ Drabble]
Title : Be my wife
Author : mosquitonest
Pairing : Yamajima ( Yamada x Nakajima)
Genre : Fluff
Rating : PG
A/N : as always poor english ~ hope you'll like it ~

Clock shows 11 pm, but Yamada still couldn’t sleep, he doesn’t know what the things that makes he still awake, because he doesn’t drink coffee , so what things ? he pouted his lips because he really wanted to sleep but his eyes still wide awake, until the phone rings , he hurried to take the phone and on the phone’s screen he could read a Yuto’s name , his boyfriend.
“what’s up ? “ Yamada said
“Quickly go to the apartment’s roof…” “ I wanted to show something to you…”
“Hey, it’s midnight already…” “I don’t want to…”
“Okay, but I’m going to wait for you…” Yuto said as he cut the phone lines.
“Hey..wait…” Yamada said. he threw his cell phone to bed, and then put himself on the edge bed.He curious but, he too lazy to go out in the midnight, yes, because he hates a dark place.But for a moments he remained silent, thinking about the invitation of his boyfriend, and finally he took his jacket . Yup, he finally went to apartment’s roof, because he was so curious now.
With a curiousity on his mind, he decided to go to apartment’s roof, to meet Yuto, while he hated a dark place so fucking much. Finally he arrived at apartment’s roof, and Yuto is still waiting for him, he sat on the floor while he started the sky.Yamada walk to Yuto and take a sit beside him.

“I know you will come…” He smiled
“So, what are you doing here ? “
“And, what things you want to showing to me…? “Yamada asked to his beloved boyfriend. Yuto put his hand to Yamada’s shoulder makes the beautiful guy closer to him.
“Look at the sky…” “ beautiful isn’t?”
“Eh ? “ “So you called me just for looking at sky ? “
“ That a stupid reason ever I heard…” Yamada said as he tried to stand up , but a hand hold his waist. And Yamada could feel someone hugged him from behind.
“I know, you’ll going mad…” “Because you more beautiful than that sky…” Yuto whisper’s on Yamada’s ear while still hugged him from behind. Yuto knew to make his boyfriend blushing.
“You—“ Yamada ’s words cutted by a sudden kiss from Yuto on Yamada’s moist lips.Okay, now, Yuto makes his boyfriend cheek redder than before because he blushing so hard. And then Yuto pull out a small box from his pocket and opened that box in front of Yamada.

“Would you like to be my wife…?”
“Eh…? “ Yamada said. She shocked and happy in the same time.
“So, would you ? “
“Yes, I would like to be your wife…” Yamada said softly, because he too shy to said that words.
“I can’t hear it…” Yuto teased his future wife.
“Yes, I would like to be your wife…”Yamada said half-yelled. Heard that Yuto hugged him tightly. “ I promise to make you happy…” he added as he hugged his future wife into his arms.

Hope you'll like it ~
Comments are love and i need your love <333 ~ ^^

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kkad09 From: kkad09 Date: November 20th, 2011 01:06 pm (UTC) (Link)
Nyaaa, so sweet, Emi-chan~ *huggles*

Your fics are always kawaii ne <3

lol, so cheesy, Yuto, but romantic ne ^^ Asachan likey ;))
mosquitonest From: mosquitonest Date: November 20th, 2011 01:28 pm (UTC) (Link)
thank you alyssa-chan
thanks for dropping by ~ ^^
i miss you and your comment ~ *hugs*
kkad09 From: kkad09 Date: November 20th, 2011 02:02 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hihi, you're welcome. I love your fics you know ^^ Miss you and your fics, too <3

Awww, three new fics I haven't read yet? *pouts* I will read them when I have time ne~ ^^ Mou~ I have to go to work early tmr, so I'd better go to sleep now XD Nya, I know it's still early but nice dream, Emi-chan~
mosquitonest From: mosquitonest Date: November 20th, 2011 02:26 pm (UTC) (Link)
thank you to loved my fics *blushing*
hai, oyasuminasai alyssa-chan, have a nice dream too ~ ^^
4 comments or Leave a comment